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Adobe Illustrator for Silversmiths

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Illustrator by Adobe is a software in which you can create elements and graphics which enable you as a silversmith to use a sketch on paper or create elements in the software as a basis For sawing, engraving, cutting, laser cutting, etching and even as a preliminary sketch for 3D construction.
While a silversmith who does not know the use of this software draws directly on the metal by hand, you will be capable to use your knowledge of Illustrator for tasks of this type and for creating new avenues for creation.

In the course you'll have the support of the teacher during the lessons and after.

some basic computer knowledge is needed

8 lessons 90 min' each (12 hours total)

Zoom online course in a privet one student lesson

Price: 550 USD

Zoom online course part of a class of 5 students minimum

Price: 410 USD for a student

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