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Vector Art

The creations you see in this gallery are 100% vector work, expertly created using adobe illustrator. Each painting is a result of half a year to two years of work.

Robin Williams
Christopher Reeve Supermann
Bar Refaeli
Mr incredible by Pixar
Freddie Mercury, 2012
Jewel, 2007
Justice League, 2008
Abraham Lincoln, 2013
True Blood poster recreation, 2008
Sol Lustgarten, 2008
Eva Green, 2008
Hellboy, 2007
Angelina Jolie, 2010
Freddie Mercury Born To Love You
Tutenkhamon, 2007
Freddie Mercury Made In Heaven
A self portrait at age 4, 2009
Freddie Mercury Mr Bad Guy
Amitai Arieli, 2008
Queen the Miracle
Kirsten Dunst, 2008
A Volkswagen Beetle
Jaime Pressly, 2009
Lili & a Counter-bass
Jeremy Brett, 2010
Leona Lewis, 2008
David Hubel, 2008
Ansaphone, 2009
a mouse
A Rifle, 2006
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